Adventurer- A person playing the game with their own original character.  Also known as a Player Character.

Backstory- The important life events that lead up to a player character’s first arrival in the game.

BGA (Between Game Action)- The actions a player takes place between games.  Example: Visiting family, working towards learning a new skill, trying to find a cure for a strange disease.

Cast-  A person playing many different roles to further the story of the game.  Also known as a Non-Player Character.
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Sensitivity- Being sensitive to an element or other material means that when one comes in contact with what they are sensitive to they automatically takes a wound even if it the spell or contact was not meant to wound.  If the spell or contact is meant to wound than the sensitive target should take an appropriate aggravated wound.

[Normal] Wound- A wound or normal wound is a sometimes life-threatening injury that needs medical or magical attention to heal.  These wounds can usually be healed without any extreme attention.

Aggravated Wound- Aggravated wounds are a usually some kind of elemental based injury.  The aggravation to the wound must be healed before the wound can be healed.  For example, if a target is hit with a “1 fire inflict” they would be burned as well as wounded.  The burn should be treated before the wound.

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