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The Islands of the Forgotten King (A Brief History)

During the Age of Myth, the Islands of the Forgotten King were one whole land called Aclia. It is not known what caused the land to break apart into islands as they are today; but it is said that as the lands broke, so did the people. The Age of Myth was a time of constant war and death. Warlords razed the land and the people suffered.

Then a stranger came to our lands from a place unknown. He united warring factions and brought peace back to the land. He started a new age- the Age of the Forgotten King.

Stories are told that this king brought such a great peace to our land that it made the gods jealous. They conspired against him and struck his name from history. Even the minds of those most loyal to him could no longer remember. But they could not take him from the hearts of the people, and so we remember him as the Forgotten King. Legends say that he will return to us one day, that he sails on the Endless Ocean and will come back to us when he is most needed.

Now we live in the Age of Heroes. The King is long passed and the islands have once again been broken into their own domains.  There have been bloody wars, disasters, and miracles. But for now, the nations of our home are at peace.

Current Year: 1846 AK