May Registration Open



Registration for our November event is now open.  Follow this link to register for the event: May Registration!  There are several benefits of pre-registering for our game.  If you are an Adventurer, pre-registering means we will write plot lines especially for you.  If you are Cast, it helps to have cool roles for you to play. The sooner someone registers and pays for the event the cheaper the event will be.  For further details on pricing see below.


Underage Players


It has been a long-standing policy that underage players must Cast until it is judged by the staff that they are mature enough to Adventure.  If it is decided a player is not mature enough to Adventure, no matter their age, they will be asked to cast if they wish to participate in any future games.  We will be collecting contact information for the parents of all our underage players during check-in of all future game. All players must sign a release at their first game of the year. Young players must have a guardian’s signature on the release form to play. Any player under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a guardian.


New Player Drive


New players get their first two games at ½ price!  Anyone who brings a first-time player will get a $10 discount for each new person who comes to an event. They will also receive a random in-game item of varying quality and usefulness. The more new people someone introduces the better or more things they receive!


Backstories and Between Game Actions

Character backstory helps us understand where your character has been and where you are working to take them.  The simplest information can help bridge your character into important plots of the game, ensuring everyone has a unique part to play.  The deadline for both character backstories and between game actions for the event is a week before the game. Any actions sent in after that date will not count towards this event but will be valid towards the next.


Season Pass

This year we will be selling season passes for $290 to adventure and $125 to cast.  This pass includes 3 events Friday through Sunday and extended 1 event Friday through Monday.  Our August/September event will be extended this year to Monday. Passes will be available throughout the year with a reduction as each game passes.  There is also a Year Meal Plan which is $115 and will include all food for each event this year. Buying a Season pass pre-registered you for every event.


Event Details

  • Location: Camp Denison
  • Dates: May 31th- June 2nd
  • Time: 6:00 pm Friday – 12:00 pm Sunday
  • Meal-Plan: $30 (Not included in event price)
  • Pricing:
  • Full Weekend:
    • Now-5/16: $75 to Adventure, $35 to Cast
    • 5/17-5/23: $95 to Adventure, $55 to Cast
    • 5/24-5/30: $110 to Adventure, $70 to Cast
    • At Door: $130 to Adventure, $90 to Cast
  • Saturday Only: (10AM-8PM)
    • Now-5/16: $40 to Adventure, $15 to Cast
    • 5/17-5/23: $50 to Adventure, $25 to Cast
    • 5/24-5/30: $60 to Adventure, $35 to Cast
    • At Door: $70 to Adventure, $45 to Cast


Players are encouraged to dress in full costume for our events.  They are also encouraged to bring their own boffers as loaners are in very short supply.


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