November Registation Open

New Pricing and Membership
In order to cover a bit more of our expenses we are raising the price of our events this year.  It will not cost $10 to Adventure and $5 to Cast.  Food will cost an extra $5 at the door.  This year we will also be offering membership to Nexus Elements as well as a Food Plan to lessen these costs to attendees.  Membership will cost $15 at the first game of each year.  Member pricing for each game is $5 to adventure or Free to cast.  We are also offering a Food Plan at the cost of $12, but will mean no extra cost for dinner at each game.

Registration for our November event is now open.  Follow this link to register for the event: November Registration!  If you are an Adventurer, preregistering for game helps us know to write plot lines especially for you.  If you are Cast it helps to have cool roles for you to play.  It also helps us know how much to cook for the game, you are not guaranteed dinner unless you register.  Any player who does not register for the game can be drafted into Casting duty for that game if they have a active character or not.  Please register, it helps us plan a better game for all.

Underage Players
It has been a long standing policy that underage players must Cast until it is judged by the staff that they are mature enough to Adventure.  If it is decided a player is not mature enough to Adventure, no matter their age, they will be asked to cast if they wish to participate in any future games.  We will be collecting contact information for the parents of all our underage players during check in of all future game.  Starting this year we will also require a release form from all players.  Underage players must have a parents signature on the release form in order to play.  For everyone’s convince we have attached the release form to this e-mail.
Game Teaser
Welcome to the Twisted Tale.
We have stories of honor and betrayal.
So many challengers that you be.
You have chosen from stories three.
You chose the tale of lies.
Of a cunning wolf who’s not quite wise.
The girl sees the truth of shape.
But it will not save her from the gape.
Twisted tales offer great reward.
And they are the only way to be restored.
You no longer reside in the waking world.
And the only way back is a tale unfurled.
Backstories and Between Game Actions

Character backstory helps us understand where your character has been and where you are working to take them.  The simplest of information can help bridge your character into important plots of this game, ensuring everyone has a unique part to play.  The deadline for both character backstories and between game actions before our November event is October 31th.  Any actions sent in after that date will not count towards this event, but will be valid towards the next event.

Event Details

Location: Gibb’s Gym
Date: September 5th

Time: 6:00pm-10:00pm
Adventure Price: $10 ($5 for members)
Cast Price: $5 (Free for members)
Food: $5 (Free with the Food Plan)
Players are encouraged to dress in full costume for our events.  They are also encouraged to bring their own boffers as loaners are in very short supply.

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