July Resignation Open


Registration for our July event is now open.  Follow this link to register for the event: July Registration!  If you are an Adventurer, reregistering for game helps us know to write plot lines especially for you.  If you are Cast it helps to have cool roles for you to play.  It also helps us know how much to cook for the game, you are not guaranteed dinner unless you register.

Game Teaser

In the newly named town of Yestin much has calmed down since the reformation of the town guard and the election of the Mayor.  The sickness that seemed to be plaguing the wildlife and farm animals of the island reached its peak, killing a herd of goats before completely disappearing in the other animals.  The goblin population continues to rise and trouble not only the town itself, but the surrounding farms.

Backstories and Between Game Actions

Character backstory helps us understand where your character has been and where you are working to take them.  The simplest of information can help bridge your character into important plots of this game, ensuring everyone has a unique part to play.  The deadline for both character backstories and between game actions before our July event is June 27th.  Any actions sent in after that date will not count towards this event, but will be valid towards the next event.

Event Details

Location: Gibb’s Gym
Date: July 12th
Time: 6:00pm-10:00pm
Price: $5 to adventure and $3 to cast (There is also an extra $3 charge if you want dinner)
Players are encouraged to dress in full costume for our events.  They are also encouraged to bring their own boffers as loaners are in very short supply.

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